Quick answers to common questions


1. Are there any charges for set-up?
There is no charge for set-up of new and removal of old equipment.


2. Who cancels our accounts when switching to Horizon?
Upon signing up with Horizon Coffee & Water Service we can cancel your accounts for you.


3. My cooler is leaking. Now what?
99.9% of the time leaking is caused by the bottle. Removing the bottle and replacing it should fix the problem. If this does not correct the problem, contact our office and we will send our service technician to your location to fix it.


4. Do you service all coolers?
Unfortunately we cannot get parts for inexpensive coolers purchased in local department stores. We service all commercial coolers at a fee. All coolers rented from Horizon will never have a service fee.


5. If I sign up for water AND coffee service, will there be two separate deliveries?
No, the same truck delivers both, ONE TRUCK, ONE DRIVER, ONE INVOICE.


6. My coffee brewer or water cooler is not working properly.
Contact our office at 1-800-927-9864 and we will have a service technician repair or replace the unit within 24 hours from the time the call was made to the office.